Thursday, September 6, 2007

How I Get My PSP Games for Free

Hey Guys! I'm going to show you how I get PSP Games for FREE, without using a credit card! You can actually use this method to get any games for your PSP, PS3, XBox 360, Wii, etc.

How does this work and is this legal?
If you follow the directions below, I found a site which will buy and mail you PSP games right to your door! They buy the actual REAL game from stores with the money they get paid from advertisers. So yes, this is 100% legit and legal!!!

The only downside is you need to be from USA, Canada, UK or Australia for this to work, that's just how the advertisers work.

OK what do I need to do?
First thing you need to do is get a "junk" email account (I recommend gmail, but yahoo or hotmail will work fine). Since you're going to be getting a lot of junk mail you're not going to want it all going to your real email address, so this is what this new email account will be used for.

Step 1: Sign Up

Go HERE and sign up.

Once you get there click SIGN UP on the menu bar on the left and fill out your information.

They will ask you for your email. I recommend you give them your real email because if they need to contact you for prize claims or whatever you'll be able to see the email easily. (The site itself doesn't spam you its all the offers you participate in that send the junk email - more on this in step 2).

They also ask for your address. Obviously, provide a real address for them to ship the games to!

After you signup they will send you a confirmation link to the email address you entered. Click the link and you're done. The email should come pretty quick, usually instantly. Make sure you check your spam folders if you don't see it in your inbox.

Step 2: Complete Offers

Now that you've signed up go ahead and login, its time to start earning points!

Once inside you can check out the prize list. You'll see most PSP games are between 30-40 points - basically 1 point is 1 dollar. You earn points by completing offers and you should be able to get 30 points in a couple of hours.

To earn points click on "Available Offers". There you will see a whole list of offers and how many points you'll get if you complete that offer. When filling out an offer you don't have to give your real home address or phone number. And make sure you use your spam email account because believe me you will be spammed. Also, be sure to check your email occasionally for those offers that require email confirmation otherwise you won't get credited for completing the offer properly.

You will see 2 types of offers: free ones, and those that require a credit card. Go ahead and complete any of the free ones. The credit card offers don't necessarily cost money and you can try them too as they give you more points, but make sure you read the cancellation instructions carefully otherwise you'll get charged.

NOTE: The higher paying offers generally require a credit card and some may charge you a few dollars, usually for shipping and handling. Basically you're spending a few dollars to get 15-30 points. You see where I'm going with this. If you do enough credit card offers you can pretty much get an XBox 360 Console (retails $350) for $50-60. (I'm actually in the middle of working my way towards one myself. I'll write an article detailing how to do this later if enough people want)

Here are a few tips for filling out offers:

1. Read the offer carefully so you know exactly what to do to get the points.

2. Delete cookies before every offer

3. Complete offer with realistic information

4. Use a browser that accepts cookies and turn your security down

5. Let each page load completely

Also remember that even though most of the time you'll get the points 5-10 minutes after completing the offer, some may take up to a day or more (depending on the offer). So don't worry if you don't see the points just keep going they will appear if you've done everything correctly.

Step 3: Claim Your Prize

After you have enough points you can now go to "Available Prizes" and see what you can cash those points in for. This is the fun part. =)

They have a ton of prizes. You'll see stuff like consoles (XBox, PS3, Wii), video games, iPods, etc. The PSP games are in the "PSP" section - go ahead and pick out what you want. If you don't see anything you can ask support to send you a game you want (pick from Also as a reminder remember to double check your address because that's where the game will be sent.


I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful for getting cool freebies. If you have any questions my email is adamantium90 [at] g mail [.] com